Delivery times

Information about delivery times

The following table provides the delivery times for shipping to other countries. Please add these times to the delivery time specified for the relevant item.

Shipping within Germany is G = 3-5 days

Country Additional maximum duration in days
Netherlands Netherlands G + 2-3 days
Poland Poland G + 2-3 days
Austria Austria G + 2-3 days
Belgium Belgium G + 2-3 days
Switzerland Switzerland G + 2-3 days
France France G + 2-3 days
Denmark Denmark G + 2-3 days
Czech Republic Czech Republic G + 2-3 days
Lichtenstein Liechtenstein G + 2-3 days
Luxembourg Luxembourg G + 2-3 days
Spain (mainland) Spain (mainland) G + 3-5 days
Italy Italy G + 3-5 days
Sweden Sweden G + 3-5 days
Slovenia Slovenia G + 3-5 days
Finland Finland G + 4-6 days
Norway Norway G + 4-6 days
Romania Romania G + 4-6 days
Greece Greece G + 6-8 days
Cyprus Cyprus G + 6-8 days


If you place an order with us containing several items to which different delivery times apply, we will send the goods in a single shipment unless we have arranged otherwise with you. In this case, the shipment of the goods will be equal to the delivery time that applies to the item in your order with the longest delivery time.

Information about calculating the delivery date.

The delivery period starts on the day after the contract is concluded and ends with the expiry of the last day of the delivery period. If the last day of the delivery period falls on a Sunday, or on a day that is recognised as an official public holiday at the delivery location, the next working day supersedes such a day.